God Our Father Consecration Ebook

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This beautiful, eight-day consecration prayer booklet to God Father is based entirely on Scripture passages from the Old and New Testament. As God’s Prodigal Children, we are all on a journey back home to the Father. Our return to the House of the Father is a process that begins with our Mother Mary who lovingly guides us to her Son. Jesus then mercifully lifts us up on His Cross to the Father. The Holy Spirit purifies and refines us on our journey, so that God the Father can dwell in us as living temples, and we, in turn, can dwell in Him. To do this, we must, unlike our first parents, Adam and Eve, offer our unconditional “Yes” to the Father’s Will. Our spiritual journey, then, is a dynamic process which takes us through Mary to Jesus in union with the Holy Spirit back home to God the Father. That is the reason for our existence. This booklet shines light on the pathway home to our Father by teaching us how to better know, love, honor, and serve Him.