Seeing With the Eyes of the Soul: Six Volume Set with Consecration book

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Over the centuries, man’s journey on his way home to God has been characterized by many memorable and immortal events. From Noah’s Ark to the Ark of the Covenant, from the Annunciation to Calvary, our salvation history is rich with people, places, promises, and extraordinary miracles. This fascinating history comes alive for each generation of God’s children as the past is never more real in any area of our lives as it is in matters of religion and faith. This is especially true for Christians, because we trust in Scripture’s words concerning what must come to fulfillment before the end of the world. Thus, we are always waiting, searching and hoping for God to reveal Himself and the unfolding of His plan in our lifetimes. The revelations in this book from God the Father to Barbara Centilli appear to embrace these truths and to add new understanding to the entire subject of eschatology. From new insights into the meaning of some of the promises contained in the Old and New Testaments, to a greater and more profound understanding of what Christ taught about our Eternal Father, Seeing With the Eyes of the Soul is a masterpiece of spirituality, rich and unparalleled in its impact on the reader. Most significantly, the Eternal Father’s revelations teach us how love and sin can either save or destroy us and how love and sin will now either save or destroy the world. Seeing with the Eyes of the Soul also teaches us about our present life andeternity and how inevitably both are shaped and determined by the choices we make in our journey back home to The Father. This book is a stairway to that home and is destined to be a classic in Catholic mysticism.