Twilight of Marxism (Soft Cover)

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With World War I raging and millions dying, three shepherd children in the rustic village of Fatima – a hamlet in the Serra de Aire Mountains of central Portugal –claim the Virgin Mary appeared to them in the spring of 1917 and previewed a disturbing future.

Out of Russia would rise a great evil and a second world war would come, the children were told, unless humanity altered its course. These were just two of the “secret” prophecies that would find fulfillment in the years ahead.

In another bucolic hamlet called Bijakovici, located in the Alps of the former Yugoslavia, the Virgin Mary appeared again in 1981 to six children. Known today as “Medjugorje,” a prophetic appeal to mankind is heard once more, with the visionaries claiming the Madonna told them she had come to finish what she began at Fatima.

More than fifty million people have trekked to Medjugorje, as healings, miracles and wondrous signs are said to be daily events there. The apocalyptic thread in the message of Medjugorje, however, is again eye-opening. Once more, a sweeping transformation of the world is predicted to come with the unfolding of ten “secret” prophecies. After which – as foretold at Fatima – it is said humanity will experience a metamorphosis, moving from an agnostic/atheist era to an age of peace and profound spirituality.

In Twilight of Marxism, best-selling author Thomas Petrisko takes a penetrating look at these mystical encounters and what they claim about the future of the world. Meticulously researched, Twilight of Marxism marshals’ information from hundreds of sources, the author’s personal experiences with eminent theologians and Church officials, and exclusive interviews with key individuals in this real-life drama, in order to present a ground breaking investigation into a one-of-a-kind story.

From a shocking glimpse into a grave, unknown global horror related to nuclear weapons- to a long lost prophecy given by the Virgin Mary at Fatima concerning the end of the world – this book is a page-turner from beginning to end.

Twilight of Marxism is a prescient work. It is intelligent, thought provoking and illuminating. It raises serious questions about the world, its moral behavior, and the surreal reality that life on earth is set to take a radical turn. Needless to say, this is not just a book for Catholics, but for anyone looking for answers to a gnawing suspicion that something big is coming.

$43.99 for hardcover, 946 pages, 75 photographs.   $32.99 for soft cover